Preventive Measures May Reduce Challenges for Seniors as They Age

Most often when our agency is called in to help people it is because they have fallen, had a stroke or other sudden illness. This wonderful article from Home Care Daily News explains how it is so much more helpful to begin care when a senior first shows signs of declining ability. This can not only prevent a lot of these incidents, but can make care seamless when conditions change.

As people age, they will face increasing challenges. Many of these challenges will result in health issues and potential physical limitations. It’s a difficult challenge for some aging seniors to acknowledge their own limitations or even the prospect that their safety has become compromised with age. Unfortunately, if they don’t address these concerns as early as possible and seek help when necessary, they could be putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Insurance companies across the country have found that preventive checkups and other healthcare processes help to reduce the risk of costlier care in the future. This not only helps the insurance companies save money, it also keeps their clients healthier and safer.

The same concept can be used for those individuals who may have physical limitations or other health challenges that make it potentially dangerous for them to perform any number of basic daily tasks at home alone. Home care support services has often been a reactive service where it could become a preventive measure for some.

According to a Business Wire press release, Manage Complex and Chronic Care Conditions with Community Health Choice, it was noted:

“Houston-based Community Health Choice (Community) helps its Members answer these questions and take better and more informed care of themselves and their families, including people diagnosed with chronic conditions. Through its Community Rewards program even the healthiest Members receive benefits from simple yearly check-ups, and Members with chronic and life-threatening conditions are eligible for early-intervention and population health management services.

“We want our Members to receive the right care at the right time from the right care providers,” says Dr. Karen Hill, Medical Director and Senior Vice President, Community Health Choice.”

Receiving the right care at the right time is absolutely crucial, especially for elderly and disabled men and women who may have difficulties with Activities of Daily Living. In most cases, though, it isn’t until these Activities of Daily Living become either incredibly difficult or impossible to perform without assistance before reaching out to find a quality, qualified, and dependable home care agency or other provider.

Home care agencies may have an opportunity in this preventive light to connect with insurance providers and reach out to the general community around them to explain how and why these types of services could help aging seniors and others with difficulties with mobility avoid potential disaster in the future.

By taking active steps before an accident occurs, it can save time, money, and help some seniors avoid lengthy recovery processes and serious injuries.